12 Schleswig Holstein is Germany s northernmost federal state Its exceptional location between the two seas and its geological history determine its topography climate and soil Possessing a temperate climate good soils and plenty of water Schleswig Holstein is one of the most agriculturally favoured regions of Germany The land between the seas is divided into three natural areas good farmland runs parallel with the coast of the Baltic sea heavy marsh soil dominates cultivation conditions along the coast of the North Sea and in the centre along the state s spine the soils are light and sandy this is where the dairy farms are located Half of Schleswig Holstein s farms are cattle farms whereas a quarter of farms are purely arable There are approximately 12 600 farms each managing an average of 79 ha which is 18 ha more than the federal average Several projects funded under the first call of 2015 focused on dairy cattle and grassland Their emphasis was on the optimization of the feed quality of the grassland plus animal health the construction of stables and the conservation of old northern German livestock breeds Grassland and cattle are also the main focus of projects funded under the second call which commenced in 2018 Other priorities were digitalisation and animal welfare The EIP projects thus help to promote agriculture in Schleswig Holstein in a targeted and regional manner However the results offer inspiration and assistance to farmers with similar issues far beyond the borders of the state INNOVATION PROJECTS In Schleswig Holstein 30 projects were financed during the first and second calls of the European Innovation Partnership EIP Agri Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability The goal is the development of innovative solutions for agriculture through new forms of cooperation On average the projects received funding of EUR 450 000 over three years LEAD PARTNERS The lead partners are the applicants and the project managers of each respective project In half of the EIP projects agricultural consultancy organizations are the lead partners OPERATIONAL GROUP In Schleswig Holstein each Operational Group OG must consist of at least two farmers in addition to consultants and other experts from agriculture and forestry researchers representatives of companies in the agricultural and food sector associations and NGOs SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN EXTENSIVE GRASSLAND AND FERTILE FARMLANDS One federal state three landscapes EI P AG R I Sc hl es w ig H ol st ei n

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