14 Pl an t pr od uc ti on Cr op c ul ti va ti on Arable farms in Schleswig Holstein are interested in one question in particular against the background of stricter legal regulations are there successful methods of sowing cultivation and fertilization that have been tried and tested in other countries which could be interesting for northern German conditions In addition to yield level and harvest quality criteria for a successful process include nitrogen efficiency water and nutrient utilization rates groundwater protection protection against wind and water erosion improving the greenhouse gas footprint and fundamentally the costs A crop rotation of winter rapeseed winter wheat winter barley was chosen for the field trial on classic arable sites in the eastern uplands region of Schleswig Holstein Specifically the effects of precision seeding underfoot fertilization and strip till on yield level crop quality and nitrogen utilization compared to normal seeding were examined drill seeding Precision seeding Strip till and underfoot fertilization Combination of strip till and precision seeding RESULTS Due to extreme weather conditions in both 2017 and 2018 the data collected during the trials was not broad enough to identify significant benefits of a particular seeding method Incremental processes loosening of the soil and sowing carried out in two separate steps are not suitable for a wet autumn in Schleswig Holstein because the application requires a larger time window Sowing methods that combine tillage and sowing precision seeding in one operation are more suitable in Schleswig Holstein FINAL REPORT www eip agrar sh de eip innovationsprojekte CONTACT PERSON Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig Holstein Dr Mathis Müller phone 49 4331 9453 300 mmueller lksh de SOIL CULTIVATION AND SOWING IN ONE OPERATION Innovative technology in agriculture Anbauverfahren aus anderen Ländern die in Schleswig Holstein erfolgreich sein könnten wurden geprüft

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