The design of crop rotation has a great impact on yields and nutrient losses in arable farming In Schleswig Holstein the same crop rotations are used for each typical natural landscape The question is raised as to whether there are more nitrogen efficient crop rotations that are adapted to the various natural landscapes of Schleswig Holstein The project trialled various new combinations in crop rotations and compared them with the crop rotation combinations that are customary in Schleswig Holstein The project objective was to identify combinations that reduce nitrogen loss In addition the project aimed to integrate more grain legumes into the crop rotation and to optimize the use of nitrogen fertilizers by determining how much fertilizer each element of the crop rotation needs The trials focussed on improved recommendations for fertilizing winter wheat maize and rapeseed The following new crop rotations were investigated Marsh Field beans winter rapeseed winter wheat triticale catch crop potatoes Winter rapeseed catch crop spring wheat clover clover Geest Winter rapeseed winter rye winter barley feed peas winter rye Winter rapeseed catch crop maize catch crop maize winter rye rye WPS Eastern hills Field beans winter rapeseed winter wheat maize catch crop Winter rape catch crop maize winter wheat RESULTS There are indications that the new crop rotation combinations improve the transfer of nitrogen which means that less nitrogen fertilizer needs to be used In conclusion the new crop rotation combinations are more nitrogen efficient than conventional crop rotations FINAL REPORT www eip agrar sh de eip innovationsprojekte CONTACT PERSON Prof Dr Henning Kage phone 49 431 880 3472 kage pflanzenbau uni kiel de IMPROVING CROP ROTATION N efficiency strategy in agriculture Welche Fruchtfolgekombinationen reduzieren den Stickstoffverlust in der Marsch der Geest und dem Hügelland 18 Pl an t pr od uc ti on Cr op c ul ti va ti on

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