Regional and sustainable production of domestic protein plants for animal feed can complement or replace imported soya Grain crops such as grain legumes can be used economically on farm only if they are also processed and used as feed on farm The idea of the project was to construct a mobile system for the processing of field beans to produce ready for use animal feed The field beans need to be thermally treated in order to unlock the protein compounds and make them digestible This can be achieved by pressure hydrothermal conditioning expander technology The machine needs to be mobile such that it can be operated both by contractors and by the agricultural organisations themselves and such that the protein plants can be used directly by the farm RESULTS It was not possible to complete work on the mobile expander such that it was ready for use the required fine tuning caused considerable delays In particular the automatic control and a dosing unit for the propionic acid were not functional by the end of the project As a result no feeding trials could be performed A project that is just starting up will continue working on the mobile expander and will carry out feeding trials in the Karkendamm trial facility in Bimöhlen at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel Contact person Prof Dr Georg Thaller 49 431 880 7329 gthaller tierzucht uni kiel de ONLINE TRADING PLATFORM In order to achieve a wider acceptance of domestic protein crop cultivation and to generate sales markets the Internet Trading Platform for Grain Legumes was set up on the homepage of the Schleswig Holstein Agricultural Chamber www lksh de warenboerse koernerleguminosen as part of the project FINAL REPORT www eip agrar sh de eip innovationsprojekte CONTACT PERSON Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig Holstein Dr Mathis Müller phone 49 4331 9453 300 mmueller lksh de ON FARM PRODUCTION OF ANIMAL FEED Domestic protein plants Entwicklung einer mobilen Anlage zur Verarbeitung von Ackerbohnen zu Tierfutter auf dem landwirtschaftlichen Betrieb 20 Pl an t pr od uc ti on Cr op c ul ti va ti on

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