White cabbage is an important vegetable crop in the west of Schleswig Holstein The cultivation of white cabbage requires a lot of nitrogen New regulations and guidelines have reduced nitrogen output limits necessitating an improvement in the use of fertilizers In order to create a database for improving fertilizer management the minimum values of nitrogen Nmin were recorded in the spring and immediately after harvest in geest calcaric fluvisol and marine clay marsh landscapes Nmin was also determined on plots where field beans and wheat were grown The leaching loss that occurred over the winter was examined and the mud was analysed Three field tests were carried out in the white cabbage fields conventional fertilization at the time of planting four weeks later and eight weeks later fertilization according to Nmin target values fertilization with nitrogen was carried out only once Nmin fell below the setpoint value of 100 kg nitrate ha control group without established new growth and without nitrogen fertilization RESULTS Trials demonstrated that it was possible to reduce nitrogen fertilization at the time of planting Trials demonstrated differences in the rate of mineralization of nitrogen of over 100 kg ha Some plots did not reach the mineralization target of 110 150 kg ha which is required to achieve maximum yield FINAL REPORT The results of the project and detailed descriptions of the fertilizer management can be found in the final report www eip agrar sh de eip innovationsprojekte CONTACT PERSON Christiane Meyer phone 49 481 850770 meyer mr dithmarschen de CABBAGE AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS Fertilizer management In der Marsch wurden Stickstoffwerte auf unterschiedlich gedüngten Weißkohl und Weizenflächen ermittelt 24 Pl an t pr od uc ti on Cr op c ul ti va ti on

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