For a long time the basic feed performance of grassland sites in Schleswig Holstein has not been optimally utilized Concepts can help to use the land more effectively and sustainably and to combine economic and ecological goals and expectations On the basis of soil plant yield and quality characteristics site concepts for areas and sub divisions of areas will be developed Higher nutrient efficiency and a better basic feed performance are key goals although improved biodiversity climate and environmental protection as well as areas to be set aside for driving on are all taken into consideration The grassland concepts will be tailored to the typical grasslands located in marsh geest and hill landscapes in Schleswig Holstein They will be available in digital form CONTACT PERSON Malin Hanne Bockwoldt Landwirtschaftskam mer Schleswig Holstein phone 49 4331 94 53 317 mbockwoldt lksh de EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF GRASSLAND Area concepts for grassland Standortkonzepte sollen helfen Grünlandflächen effizienter und nachhaltiger zu nutzen Dafür werden verschiedene Boden Pflanzen Ertrags und Qualitätsmerkmale untersucht Pl an t pr od uc ti on G ra ss la nd 28

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