ONLINE APPLICATION The project was able to document the plausibility of the FOPROQ model approach even for areas that are frequently grazed during the growing season pasture not just for areas that are set aside for grass harvesting silage production The first optimization of the smart grazing pasture model has produced results that are more than satisfactory Surveys conducted under the follow up project EIP Weidemanager EIP Pasture Manager will further improve the robustness and accuracy of the model s calculations and provide farmers with a user friendly online application for optimized pasture management FINAL REPORT www eip agrar sh de eip innovationsprojekte CONTACT PERSON Ansprechpartner Tammo Peters Landwirt schaftskammer SH tpeters lksh de phone 49 4331 9453347 Although Schleswig Holstein is regarded as a place where grass grows well due to favourable environmental conditions the grazing of dairy cattle has increasingly been replaced by intensive stable farming where cattle are fed grass and corn silage and concentrate feed As a result there was no well founded and scientifically backed database to assess pastures for yield and fodder quality Against this background the OG recorded the productivity of permanent grassland in the various natural landscapes of Schleswig Holstein The measured values helped to adapt a grass growth model FOPROQ that was originally designed for grasslands where the grass harvested reflected the growth conditions of grazed pasture As an online application smart grazing provides farms that use their pastures for grazing with data on current and future growth rates and fodder quality parameters in conjunction with forecasts from the German Weather Service RESULTS The collected data show that grazing areas could have high significance for feed production The results demonstrate that the permanent grassland in Schleswig Holstein that is being used as grazing pasture has potential for higher yield and quality and underlines the need to reinstate and increase pasture know how in the region The demonstration trials carried out within the framework of the project show that optimal weather conditions an optimized nutrient management and other management measures such as harrowing and over seeding with highly productive grasses winter ryegrass are key conditions that need to be met to achieve these higher levels of yield and quality OPTIMIERTES WEIDEMANAGEMENT SMART GRAZING OPTIMIZED PASTURE MANAGEMENT SMART GRAZING Projektlaufzeit Project duration 1 6 2015 31 11 2018 TEILNEHMER PARTICIPANTS Landwirtschaftliche Betriebe Farmers Henrik Butenschön Bargstedt Nico Hellerich Wewelsfleth Hans Möller Lentföhrden Klaus Groenewold Hörsten Bert Riecken Großbarkau Hanno Lammers Winnert Jens Jacobsen Noer Forschungs und Versuchseinrichtungen Research and test facilities Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans Georg Lembke KG Holtsee Dr Bernhard Ingwersen Landwirt schaftskammer Schleswig Holstein Rendsburg Dr Mathis Müller Kompetenzzentrum Milch Kiel HIGH QUALITY FODDER FROM PASTURE Smart grazing Pl an t pr od uc ti on G ra ss la nd 30

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