Ireland is a leader in livestock farming Irish dairy farmers are working with various modern management models which could be applied to Schleswig Holstein However the models need to be adapted to regional climatic conditions and other site factors as well as to the agricultural organisations operating in Schleswig Holstein The Irish management model is to be transferred to northern Germany and tested This includes the rising plate meter the Grasshopper model and the decision support system PastureBaseIreland Schleswig Holstein s farms with their varying locations and grazing systems will test the Irish yield tracking system and management tool and develop it further according to their needs In addition a pasture app will be developed to allow farmers to share their experiences CONTACT PERSON Dr Mathis Müller phone 49 4331 9453 300 mmueller lksh de and Dr Johannes Thaysen phone 49 4621 33652 johannes thaysen sl de TESTING OF THE IRISH MODEL Pasture manager SH Schleswig holsteinische Landwirte testen ein irisches Managementmodell auf unterschiedlichen Grünlandstandorten Pl an t pr od uc ti on G ra ss la nd 32

Vorschau EIP-Broschüre 2020 Seite 32
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