The forage quality of permanent pasture in Schleswig Holstein needs to be improved To provide sufficient forage from grass silage the grass must reach at least 6 5 MJ NEL kg DM from the first growth and more than 6 MJ NEL kg DM from subsequent growth One reason why these values are on average not achieved in Schleswig Holstein is the presence of low quality grass species such as rough meadow grass Poa trivialis An online tool is to be developed that provides data on the spread of rough meadow grass on permanent grasslands In addition the tool will help to forecast the risk of rough meadow grass spreading further develop prevention and control strategies and recommend grass mixtures for reseeding Data on the distribution of the rough meadow grass are recorded for Schleswig Holstein s permanent grasslands These data will allow conclusions to be drawn concerning the soil and management factors that have an impact on the distribution of rough meadow grass At the same time management measures are being tested that target rough meadow grass In controlled conditions different species of grass are grown in different mixtures in order to analyse their yield potentials and specific characteristics in competitive situations CONTACT PERSON Dr Arne Poyda Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel phone 49 431 880 7420 apoyda gfo uni kiel FIGHT AND SUPPRESS ROUGH MEADOW GRASS Grass mixture Pl an t pr od uc ti on G ra ss la nd 34 Minderwertige Grasarten verhindern dass eine gute Futterqualität auf Dauergrünland erreicht werden kann Für die Gemeine Rispe soll ein Online Tool entwickelt werden das zum Beispiel Bekämpfungsstrategien liefert

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