Farms are legally obliged to carry out regular self inspections The records are usually kept manually Standardized digital recording and evaluation of suitable indicators would provide a good basis for individual assessment and improvement of animal welfare A lot of reliable information on the health of dairy cattle in Schleswig Holstein is available the results of milk testing carried out by the Landeskontrollverband Schleswig Holstein Schleswig Holstein National Control Association LKV data held by Rinderzucht Schleswig Holstein e G Cattle Breeding Schleswig Holstein RSH and the central HIT database information system for the secure tracking of animals These data are to be merged and used to develop a tool that will allow farmers to assess the welfare of their animals more quickly and conveniently Regular analysis will also help to monitor the improvement of animal welfare on farm CONTACT PERSON Landeskontrollverband Schleswig Holstein e V Hergen Rowehl phone 49 431 33987 0 rowehl lkv sh de INDICATORS FOR SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN S DAIRY FARMS Animal welfare check for cattle Verschiedene Daten zur Gesundheitssituation der Milchkühe sollen zusammengeführt werden Li ve st oc k fa rm in g Ca tt le 46

Vorschau EIP-Broschüre 2020 Seite 46
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