Dairy cow calves are often separated from their mothers early on even where organic farming is practised In recent years some farms have started to switch their herds to rearing calves with cows this means that the calves stay with their mothers or other lactating cows for a certain period of time There are different systems for rearing calves with cows These systems are to be optimized Based on experience from dairy farms a guide will be developed which will provide specialist information for practical implementation taking into account animal health solutions for adapted barn construction work processes questions of economic efficiency and other concerns A homepage will be developed which will provide information to all interested parties and serve as a tool for networking and further development CONTACT PERSON Anna Lotterhos Bioland Landesverband Schleswig Holstein Hamburg Mecklenburg Vorpommern Rendsburg phone 49 4331 9438 175 anna lotterhos bioland de REARING CALVES WITH COWS More information for farmers Es gibt verschiedene Systeme für die kuhgebundene Kälberaufzucht durch Muttertier oder Ammen Li ve st oc k fa rm in g Ca tt le 50

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