Die routinemäßig erfassten Daten der betrieblichen Eigenkontrolle sollen aufbereitet werden Schweinehalter sollen damit Veränderungen des Tierwohls frühzeitig erkennen können Pig farmers need to perform both self inspections of their farm and daily checks of their animals In so doing farmers collect data that could be better used if they were digitized and linked enabling the development of a control loop The data that are already being routinely collected will be processed For this purpose animal welfare indicators and the results from control tools such as water meters and animal scales are recorded documented and evaluated with the DigiPig app This will give pig farmers a management tool with which they can detect changes in animal welfare at an early stage and respond to them The success of interventions can be monitored and the management of livestock can be measurably improved CONTACT PERSON Nele Bielfeldt Fachhochschule Kiel phone 49 4331 845 150 nele bielfeldt fh kiel de ANIMAL WELFARE FOR PIGS DETERMINED MORE EASILY DigiPig Li ve st oc k fa rm in g Pi gs 52

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