Breeders need data on animals that are suitable for breeding In the past horse breeders mainly assessed exterior and performance traits The current discussion about animal welfare means that health data now also play an increasingly important role Breeders are also interested in the impact that husbandry conditions have on the health of the animals Breeders of the Holsteiner horse wanted to expand their current knowledge record it digitally and make it accessible in a user friendly way Health data and data collected during events were also to be integrated into the online application RESULTS Health data Veterinarians entered diagnoses and findings from 116 studs into the database Linear description Almost all horses that participated in important events such as judging of foals mare registration mare performance testing and pre selection of young studs were assessed by judges and these data were incorporated into the application Husbandry and management indicators A comprehensive checklist of husbandry conditions and management of Holsteiner horses was developed during farm visits and interviews with farm managers and subsequently trialled ONLINE APPLICATIONS Breeders and owners of the Holsteiner horse can find information under Holsteiner Pedigrees www lkv sh de holsteiner PedigreeServlet and manage their own data under Mein Pferdebestand My horses www lkv sh de holsteiner AnmeldungServlet FINAL REPORT www eip agrar sh de eip innovationsprojekte CONTACT PERSON Dr Astrid Behrens phone 49 431 305996 52 behrens holsteiner verband de ONLINE DATABASE FOR BREEDERS Horse health Züchter brauchen Daten über Tiere die für ihre Zucht geeignet sind Die Holsteiner Pferdezüchter wollten sie anwenderfreundlich zugänglich machen Li ve st oc k fa rm in g H or se s 56

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