Seit einigen Jahre wird an einem Roboter gearbeitet der das Unkrauthacken in Bio Möhrenbeständen automatisiert Ein Prototyp soll für den Acht Spur Betrieb weiterentwickelt werden Anwenderfreundlichkeit Flächenleistung und Kos ten sollen untersucht werden The cultivation of organic carrots is labour intensive Hoeing and weeding in particular requires a lot of work so for some years now researchers have been working to develop a robot that will automate weeding They have come up with a prototype that works on one row at a time This prototype is to be developed further to work on eight rows simultaneously At the same time ease of use area output and cost will be explored in more detail To make it widely usable the device is to be mounted on a typical standard frame The device is said to be capable of weeding at a speed of 960 m h In order to work on eight rows at the same time the actuator sensor system of the one row prototype will be replicated and parallelized The objective is to be achieved in three steps Development of a carrier system Field tests Economic and ecological assessment CONTACT PERSON Prof Dr Ing Stephan Hußmann phone 49 481 8555 320 hussmann fh westkueste de WEED EIGHT ROWS OF ORGANIC CARROTS Robot assisted weed control 64 Te ch no lo gy So il cu lt iv at io n

Vorschau EIP-Broschüre 2020 Seite 64
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