Die Wetterprognosen von betriebseigenen Wetterstationen sollen verbessert und sicherer werden The weather has a significant impact on population dynamics and yield Weather based forecasting methods can make crop protection and fertilization more efficient In Schleswig Holstein the weather is particularly localized and at the same time there are relatively few public weather stations in rural areas As a result more and more farms operate their own weather stations However measurement errors can occur and may accumulate if such errors are not detected in time they will result in distorted values and incorrect recommendations for action The quality of the data needs to become more reliable To achieve this the plausibility of the data is checked internally by the weather station itself Incorrect recording needs to be detected so that the cause of the error can be addressed when the weather station is serviced Farmers will be able to focus on practical issues such as the right site for the weather station and its proper maintenance In addition the weather stations will be connected to the ISIP de online platform enabling farmers to benefit from the platform s decision making aids that are based on locally collected weather data CONTACT PERSON Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig Holstein Rendsburg Dr Mathis Müller phone 49 4331 9453 300 mmueller lksh LOCAL WEATHER DATA FROM THE FARMS On farm weather 70 Te ch no lo gy W ea th er

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