Innovations in agriculture are becoming increasingly important as farmers are required to adapt to rapidly changing conditions and societal expectations Farms should be sustainable conserving resources being animal friendly and ensuring the quality of our food Due to these varied demands farmers have a constant need for the development and testing of new ideas and solutions The European Innovation Partnership EIP Agri is an excellent tool for bringing practitioners into contact with consultants and with scientific innovations In joint projects new ideas are tried out developed further and made available to the wider public Due to the high practical relevance of the projects and the active participation of the farmers the agricultural sector as a whole will benefit from the results EIP is also of great importance to us the Schleswig Holstein Chamber of Agriculture Since 2014 the Chamber of Agriculture has been the lead partner of the EIP Agrar Innovation Office in Schleswig Holstein contributing to the success of many innovations knowledge transfer and networking In ten of the projects the Chamber has played an intensive and active role Innovative advice was developed and tested in synergy with all stakeholders and is now integrated into practice through the advisory services I am very pleased that EIP has generated so many forward looking solutions for our farms for the agricultural sector and for our rural areas overall I hope that EIP will continue with many new ideas committed partners and more practical projects Ute Volquardsen President of the Schleswig Holstein Chamber of Agriculture PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Greeting G re et in gs 8

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